English4 Electronic Journals

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


1. Rybcezynski's "Weekend" explains how over time, the meaning of weekend has changed. Before it used to spelled as (week-end) and now has lost the hyphen. He mentions how the perspective of others about the beginning of the week. We learn that it's Sunday, but when you're asked, you respond that Monday is the first day. It all depends when you have work and school. An extra day off adds to your weekend which could make the first day of the week possibly Tuesday. Also, the activities that are done on these "weekends" have changed. Sundays were supposed to be a religious and relaxing day. A day where families meet and spend time together. Now it has all changed. Many work and do other things such as shopping.

2. In recents times, the weekend is no weekend. There is always work to be done. There really isn't a lot of time to catch up on lost hours of sleep and to be with your family. You may think of the weekend to have free time and leisure, however, many still have to work. For example, I'm unable to attend church on every Sunday because I work. I don't really see my family a lot and I'm loaded with homework. The only free time that I truly have is when I'm asleep. I get to relax and just chill. I'm not saying that I don't have fun and do things on the weekend, because I really do. Unfortunately though, it's not all about fun and "partying."

3. A perfect weekend in my eyes is hardly realistic. Saturdays would be the day that you spend time with your friends. You get to do all the things that you don't usually have time for. For example, go mini golfing or bowling. Right now due to the Halloween season, I really want to go to haunted houses. Then when Sunday comes around, I would like to go to church with my mom (if I'm actually up in time) and then get some food afterwards. I would just like to chill at home and maybe watch a movie and just lounge around my house. Ha....then I wake up. Too bad that I'm always scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays at work. I rarely go to church and I never get breakfast. I still go out with my friends but it's just not the same. If could plan my weekend, I wouldnt have to work on Sundays and I wouldn't work on Saturday nights. That's not the only thing that stops me though. Family events, such as weddings and birthday parties also puts a stop to my perfect weekend.

Friday, October 08, 2004

The Sports Taboo

Males and females average out in mathmatical ability. However, as the study was given a closer look, you learned that boys were at the top and the bottom of scoring. Girls maintained their scores. They weren't sprawled out like the males. This doesn't prove that males are smarter or dumber. The scientists don't see this as a difference in their ability, but as a difference in variability.

In athletics, blacks are seen as better athletes. In many of the running events, the blacks have overpowered the whites. They have always been in the top of the race. Whites haven't made top scores above 23. Also, black people are known for playing basketball. As a study was done, they proved that blacks have smaller hips, wide shoulders, and long legs. Some thought blacks are good at sports because that's the only oppurtunity they have. They are seen as an "image of black retardation." It's not proven that whites are smarter though.

2. I don't agree with Gladwell. He makes it sound like men are better than females and whites are better than blacks. I have a strong belief in equality. Ever since America was created and equality was preached, it never has sank in. In fact, equilitly is still something that people fight for. A long time has passed and the white males have dominance. The white race has done everything to belittle all the minorities. Some of hatred groups still exist like the Klu Klux Klan.

3. Racism is mostly prominent in our political world. Take a look at our list of presidents. Not one is a female and not one is black. When people hear of women running, I've seen them laugh. Some men feel that women can't handle a war. As I see it, men don't want women to peacefully settle a dispute. We are much better at compromising and finding solutions. Women have run for political positions and so have blacks. They aren't given a fair chance though. Once in a while you'll hear on the news or the radio about a black or a women who want part in politics. Has it happened yet? No, because the male race dominates in the electoral college. Now, in recent times, women and blacks are starting to get their chance.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Response to Tricia

Tricia believes that immaturity of high school students is a problem for a relationship. In that aspect, I would completely agree. Many would like to argue and say that they are mature adults but in reality, they aren't. Immaturity brings thoughts such as cheating, blowing off your date, and other silly things. She comments on how one may feel that they, themselves, are too young. Here is where I would have to disagree. If they thought they were too young to have a relationship, they would never start one. Also, as I mentioned before how many think they are mature adults, they would also disagree. Typical teenagers try to age faster than they really do. They like to act more mature and more sophisticated than they really are. Many will try to commit themselves to something to help them feel this way. When I say commit, I mean to anything like a club/sport, but for those who aren't involved, they choose a person. From there, they start a relationship not realizing what their future will bring, especially if college is intended. At the very end of her comment, "We all still have a lot of growing up to do. We're not sure what we want yet." is 100% correct. We do have more time ahead of us to grow up and be old instead of trying to do it all now in our teen years. This is hte time where we try to find ourselves and what we want out of our lives. We don't need to be trying to find the "one."

Dave Berry-Relationships

1. Barry's article referring to relationships explains how many don't happen. Women are always thinking about their futures and pasts of relationships. Men, however, don't really give it much thought at all. Then when it does come to mind, another subject pops up and they become distracted. Like Roger, he began to think about cars. When you are committed in a relationship, don't make it so blunt. When you're open about it, like anouncing your time together (6months), it brings more thought than it really should. You begin to wonder if it's what you want and if you're ready to take it a step farther. Instead, you should be quiet and leave it as it is. Both the female and male are better off not stressing about their "relationship." The way that Berry makes this theory evitable, helps the woman understand a man. This makes women realize that men aren't as concerned with this as women are. Men do eventually realize they have a relationship, it just takes a longer time for them.

2. Relationships are very hard to have. Each individual has their own fantasy of a relationship. It's definately more evitable that girl's are sometimes a little bit unrealistic. As for me....I'm not really sure what I would consider a good/perfect relationship. I'm not too demanding for attention. Dates aren't as important either. The only 2 dates that should be remembered is when the relationship first started and when, or if, the marriage is. Otherwise, days such as, the first kiss, the time you had dinner together, etc. aren't as important. For a relationship to work, the couple needs to have good communication skills. If there is a problem, the 2 of you need to be able to work it out instead of letting it build up and possibly ruining something good. My "perfect" relationship would be the male being sensitive to my needs, such as participating in the cooking and cleaning, and going out and about. O....how can I forget, I do want my once a month spa days!!!(that's a joke). The male should be able to socialize outside of just me. I expect him to have friends, both male and female, and do manly things. He should be at the bars and other places watching the football games on Sundays.

3. High school relationships are very demanding. The girls bring a lot of drama to everything. I see girls complaining in the halls about how their guy didn't call last night. Get over it....I have bigger problems and concerns than not recieving a phone call. Guys aren't innocent either. They are very misleading. Sometimes it seems like they might like you, yet another day, that guy will be all over another girl. A relationship has 2 people in them. The bickering goes back and forward. Sometimes its the girl who becomes obsessive and sometimes it's the guy. However, when you're considering a relationship, there should be a few guidelines brought up. Explain what you want or don't want. For example, if you're planning on going to college next year and you don't want to be tied down, then that's your responsibility to mention that. This will save a lot of drama and hurt feelings. In high school, there is also a lot going on. Many are involved in sports and exracurricular activities so that also limits a relationship. This gives less time and less attention to the other individual.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Guardian Angel

1. I know that I'm being watched over and protected everyday. There has been many accounts where his/her presence was felt. Over the summer, I was driving home from my boyfriend's house at night. He lives by US Cellular field and I took Western Ave. home. I had to pass through the ghetto!!! I know it really doesn't sound like much, but I was freaked out. The worst part of the drive was catching a red light right next to this liquor store. There were many thugs standing outside and just crowding around. I didn't want to look over there so I kept looking straight. I noticed them glaring at me. The fact that I was white and alone didn't help me in a poor black neighborhood. I just kept praying for the light to change and I was ready to floor it. The group started walking towards my car, or the corner, and I was about to call the cops. I had my cell phone open and 911 dialed. All I needed to do now was to press SEND. My guardian angel made it possible for a safe getaway. The light changed. As shaky as I was, she/ he made sure I made it home safely. I could have easily gotten into an accident because of how scared I was but they didn't let it happen. I felt so relieved to get home and I thanked them so much.

2. A lot of times when things don't go my way, I'll blame my guardian angel. I don't like to become attached to people because I hate having to say good-bye. For instance, when my gradmother died, I was so upset. I felt like my angel wasn't there to help me get through it for taht she didn't help her out. I know she is there for me, but I felt like my angel could have helped her too. Another time is when I like someone. I don't usually have relationships because I have a hard time letting go and again, saying good bye. I absolutely hate getting hurt too. I never say "I love you" because it's too strong of a saying. So when a person I strongly care about or am closely attached to leaves, I'm left alone. That's when I feel my guardian angel has let me down.

3. My sister, Michelle, has great luck. She constantly thinks she has bad luck but I think she forgets about all her accidents. About 6 years ago, she was riding her bike with one of her good friends and she was hit by a car. The car drove away pretending like nothing happened. She was able to walk away with a sprained ankle. That is really good luck because she could have died or been seriously injured. She has great luck with love too. She has been in and out of relationships. At one point she was engaged but found out that he cheated on her. Although she was upset, she was able to move on and find another guy. That's nothing too special but to me, it really is. I admire the luck she has. However, is it really luck? I think she has a great guardian angel too. She is always being watched upon. As for bad luck, everyone gets that. I really don't have any kind of luck. Good things happen to me very often, but bad things happen too. Luck is all in your mind and it all depends on the way you percieve it.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

On Noise

1. Senenca explains how there is day noise and night noise. Day noise is all the activity going on around you such as a car honk, the constant rush, a jack hammer, etc. Night, however, the noise is all in your imagination. I do believe that it is your fear. You're worries, your inner thoughts, and your frustrations come out at night when you don't have anything around you. When you're sitting alone in your bed trying to go to sleep, you think about everything and anything. "Life does not remove our worries; it brings them to surface." I completely agree. The only chance you get to think about anything that you want, is when you're ready to go to sleep. You're relaxed and you can clear you're mind of the stress that you may have faced. However, as hard as you try to not think about how your day was, it always finds a way to come up.

2. I really don't think it's even possible to live simply. Living simply is not worrying about anything. No matter how hard you try to not worry about something, you really can't do it. The littlest knick knack can bother you. Therefore, living simply would be impossible to do if there is no worrying. In my opinion, living simply would be living happily. You can find a career that you enjoy, have a loving family, and a social life. As long as you are happy, your life will have less worries, less frustrations, and definitely less stress. That's the only definition of living simply I can think of.

3. My bed constantly makes noises while I'm laying in it and my thoughts are annoying too. Every little movement that I make, my bed squeaks. The only reason I hear my bed though is because I'm still awake thinking. Before I go to bed, I'll think about what I'm gonna wear, if I'll run the next night, an upcoming test/ quiz, and whatever else is going on at school. While I think about stupid things, I constantly turn and flip around. I always stress myself during school. I'm always complaining that I don't have enough time to do my homework, study, go to work, and be involved in all the clubs I'm in. Then I will start to worry about my grades and then I just cant fall asleep causing the flipping and turning. To get my bed to stop squeaking, I would have to stop thinking. It's easier said than done!!!

Response to rwstell

I agree with Rich about there being 2 noises and the causes of them. However in the second response I dont agree. Worrying does make you angry and it can put you in a bad mood, however there is no way to avoid thinking and worrying. It's natural and human to do these things. His way of living simple is a good way but everyone cares about something and always thinks about one thing or another too. It's a good way to live but it's just not realistic. To solve your sleeping problems, close your door so you dont hear the TV. About not being waken up for school, you're on your own there. School is jsut something that you have to go through and wake up for. It could be worse.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Response to Jcantele

In many aspects, I agree with him. Many people dont like to be in a serious relationship and tied down. However, I disagree that it doesnt really affect the society. I completely agree with your opinion on the whole divorce issue. People cant resolve problems as well and they used to. Every little disagreement turns into a fight and then is unresolvable. I'm all against the whole abortion thing!!!! I agree that it's bad for a mother to always work before their child is 6, but I understand that they have no choice. A nanny or day care center is needed if the mother/father is single and they need to earn money. After 6, it is reasonable to have a job. For the most part, I agree with Jim, however I have a bit of a twist on a few of his opinions.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Brave New World #1

1. I think that casual sex has a lot to do with out-of-wedlock birth's increase. While more marriages are turning into divorces, the spouses go to other people. Sex is becoming a less intimate stage in dating, and people start to become careless with protection. Teenagers are also becoming addicted to sex. Many talk about hooking up with people but now they mean by having sex. Condoms aren't as efficient as we think and neither is birth control. Casual sex, one night stands, hooking up, etc. all lead to out-of-wedlock births.

2. More and more marriages fall apart each year. Some people get divorces for petty reasons such as they don't love each other anymore, or they dont want to be together anymore, or something else like that. This world is a selfish place now where many put themselves first before their loved ones. Stay together for the kids is never heard. It's understandalbe if you're tied in an abusive relationship, but when you have children, you should be commited 100%.

3. Kids brought up with a single parent is hard on everyone. With all the cheating and lying going on in the world, no wonder why some are alone. Fathers and mother walk out all the time now on their families, and leave their kids behind. Divorces make it hard to raise a child too because if the parents don't get along at all, sometimes the other parent won't see their kid just because they don't want to see their ex.

4. Many high school girls are having unprotected sex and then getting pregnant. They are too ashamed to admit to their mistakes and face their peers. When you're a young lady and you get pregnant, many will think that you're sleezy. Eventhough you may not, it's implied. Many girls also realize that they can't raise a child so they feel that they should get rid of the unborn baby. Instead of giving their child a chance with someone who can care for them, they don't give a chance at all.

5. Mothers who raise a child under 6 work now. The mother may be a single mom who needs to raise money jsut to feed their children. It's happening more and more as you can see.

6. This is the 21st century where women are capable of doing the same thing a man can. Living is very expenseive and both the woman and man need to work. College is coming for their teen and money needs to be made to let their children succeed in life.