English4 Electronic Journals

Monday, August 30, 2004

Brave New World #1

1. I think that casual sex has a lot to do with out-of-wedlock birth's increase. While more marriages are turning into divorces, the spouses go to other people. Sex is becoming a less intimate stage in dating, and people start to become careless with protection. Teenagers are also becoming addicted to sex. Many talk about hooking up with people but now they mean by having sex. Condoms aren't as efficient as we think and neither is birth control. Casual sex, one night stands, hooking up, etc. all lead to out-of-wedlock births.

2. More and more marriages fall apart each year. Some people get divorces for petty reasons such as they don't love each other anymore, or they dont want to be together anymore, or something else like that. This world is a selfish place now where many put themselves first before their loved ones. Stay together for the kids is never heard. It's understandalbe if you're tied in an abusive relationship, but when you have children, you should be commited 100%.

3. Kids brought up with a single parent is hard on everyone. With all the cheating and lying going on in the world, no wonder why some are alone. Fathers and mother walk out all the time now on their families, and leave their kids behind. Divorces make it hard to raise a child too because if the parents don't get along at all, sometimes the other parent won't see their kid just because they don't want to see their ex.

4. Many high school girls are having unprotected sex and then getting pregnant. They are too ashamed to admit to their mistakes and face their peers. When you're a young lady and you get pregnant, many will think that you're sleezy. Eventhough you may not, it's implied. Many girls also realize that they can't raise a child so they feel that they should get rid of the unborn baby. Instead of giving their child a chance with someone who can care for them, they don't give a chance at all.

5. Mothers who raise a child under 6 work now. The mother may be a single mom who needs to raise money jsut to feed their children. It's happening more and more as you can see.

6. This is the 21st century where women are capable of doing the same thing a man can. Living is very expenseive and both the woman and man need to work. College is coming for their teen and money needs to be made to let their children succeed in life.