English4 Electronic Journals

Monday, September 20, 2004

Guardian Angel

1. I know that I'm being watched over and protected everyday. There has been many accounts where his/her presence was felt. Over the summer, I was driving home from my boyfriend's house at night. He lives by US Cellular field and I took Western Ave. home. I had to pass through the ghetto!!! I know it really doesn't sound like much, but I was freaked out. The worst part of the drive was catching a red light right next to this liquor store. There were many thugs standing outside and just crowding around. I didn't want to look over there so I kept looking straight. I noticed them glaring at me. The fact that I was white and alone didn't help me in a poor black neighborhood. I just kept praying for the light to change and I was ready to floor it. The group started walking towards my car, or the corner, and I was about to call the cops. I had my cell phone open and 911 dialed. All I needed to do now was to press SEND. My guardian angel made it possible for a safe getaway. The light changed. As shaky as I was, she/ he made sure I made it home safely. I could have easily gotten into an accident because of how scared I was but they didn't let it happen. I felt so relieved to get home and I thanked them so much.

2. A lot of times when things don't go my way, I'll blame my guardian angel. I don't like to become attached to people because I hate having to say good-bye. For instance, when my gradmother died, I was so upset. I felt like my angel wasn't there to help me get through it for taht she didn't help her out. I know she is there for me, but I felt like my angel could have helped her too. Another time is when I like someone. I don't usually have relationships because I have a hard time letting go and again, saying good bye. I absolutely hate getting hurt too. I never say "I love you" because it's too strong of a saying. So when a person I strongly care about or am closely attached to leaves, I'm left alone. That's when I feel my guardian angel has let me down.

3. My sister, Michelle, has great luck. She constantly thinks she has bad luck but I think she forgets about all her accidents. About 6 years ago, she was riding her bike with one of her good friends and she was hit by a car. The car drove away pretending like nothing happened. She was able to walk away with a sprained ankle. That is really good luck because she could have died or been seriously injured. She has great luck with love too. She has been in and out of relationships. At one point she was engaged but found out that he cheated on her. Although she was upset, she was able to move on and find another guy. That's nothing too special but to me, it really is. I admire the luck she has. However, is it really luck? I think she has a great guardian angel too. She is always being watched upon. As for bad luck, everyone gets that. I really don't have any kind of luck. Good things happen to me very often, but bad things happen too. Luck is all in your mind and it all depends on the way you percieve it.