English4 Electronic Journals

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

On Noise

1. Senenca explains how there is day noise and night noise. Day noise is all the activity going on around you such as a car honk, the constant rush, a jack hammer, etc. Night, however, the noise is all in your imagination. I do believe that it is your fear. You're worries, your inner thoughts, and your frustrations come out at night when you don't have anything around you. When you're sitting alone in your bed trying to go to sleep, you think about everything and anything. "Life does not remove our worries; it brings them to surface." I completely agree. The only chance you get to think about anything that you want, is when you're ready to go to sleep. You're relaxed and you can clear you're mind of the stress that you may have faced. However, as hard as you try to not think about how your day was, it always finds a way to come up.

2. I really don't think it's even possible to live simply. Living simply is not worrying about anything. No matter how hard you try to not worry about something, you really can't do it. The littlest knick knack can bother you. Therefore, living simply would be impossible to do if there is no worrying. In my opinion, living simply would be living happily. You can find a career that you enjoy, have a loving family, and a social life. As long as you are happy, your life will have less worries, less frustrations, and definitely less stress. That's the only definition of living simply I can think of.

3. My bed constantly makes noises while I'm laying in it and my thoughts are annoying too. Every little movement that I make, my bed squeaks. The only reason I hear my bed though is because I'm still awake thinking. Before I go to bed, I'll think about what I'm gonna wear, if I'll run the next night, an upcoming test/ quiz, and whatever else is going on at school. While I think about stupid things, I constantly turn and flip around. I always stress myself during school. I'm always complaining that I don't have enough time to do my homework, study, go to work, and be involved in all the clubs I'm in. Then I will start to worry about my grades and then I just cant fall asleep causing the flipping and turning. To get my bed to stop squeaking, I would have to stop thinking. It's easier said than done!!!