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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Response to Tricia

Tricia believes that immaturity of high school students is a problem for a relationship. In that aspect, I would completely agree. Many would like to argue and say that they are mature adults but in reality, they aren't. Immaturity brings thoughts such as cheating, blowing off your date, and other silly things. She comments on how one may feel that they, themselves, are too young. Here is where I would have to disagree. If they thought they were too young to have a relationship, they would never start one. Also, as I mentioned before how many think they are mature adults, they would also disagree. Typical teenagers try to age faster than they really do. They like to act more mature and more sophisticated than they really are. Many will try to commit themselves to something to help them feel this way. When I say commit, I mean to anything like a club/sport, but for those who aren't involved, they choose a person. From there, they start a relationship not realizing what their future will bring, especially if college is intended. At the very end of her comment, "We all still have a lot of growing up to do. We're not sure what we want yet." is 100% correct. We do have more time ahead of us to grow up and be old instead of trying to do it all now in our teen years. This is hte time where we try to find ourselves and what we want out of our lives. We don't need to be trying to find the "one."


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