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Friday, October 08, 2004

The Sports Taboo

Males and females average out in mathmatical ability. However, as the study was given a closer look, you learned that boys were at the top and the bottom of scoring. Girls maintained their scores. They weren't sprawled out like the males. This doesn't prove that males are smarter or dumber. The scientists don't see this as a difference in their ability, but as a difference in variability.

In athletics, blacks are seen as better athletes. In many of the running events, the blacks have overpowered the whites. They have always been in the top of the race. Whites haven't made top scores above 23. Also, black people are known for playing basketball. As a study was done, they proved that blacks have smaller hips, wide shoulders, and long legs. Some thought blacks are good at sports because that's the only oppurtunity they have. They are seen as an "image of black retardation." It's not proven that whites are smarter though.

2. I don't agree with Gladwell. He makes it sound like men are better than females and whites are better than blacks. I have a strong belief in equality. Ever since America was created and equality was preached, it never has sank in. In fact, equilitly is still something that people fight for. A long time has passed and the white males have dominance. The white race has done everything to belittle all the minorities. Some of hatred groups still exist like the Klu Klux Klan.

3. Racism is mostly prominent in our political world. Take a look at our list of presidents. Not one is a female and not one is black. When people hear of women running, I've seen them laugh. Some men feel that women can't handle a war. As I see it, men don't want women to peacefully settle a dispute. We are much better at compromising and finding solutions. Women have run for political positions and so have blacks. They aren't given a fair chance though. Once in a while you'll hear on the news or the radio about a black or a women who want part in politics. Has it happened yet? No, because the male race dominates in the electoral college. Now, in recent times, women and blacks are starting to get their chance.


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